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The Mongrel of All Whiskeys®

Horned Hare ® is an easy-drinking, smack-talking, young whiskey. At 90 proof we're a bit prouder than some whiskeys but that's not a bad thing.


We're bottled still young - at less than 12 months old. And we won't spend a lot of time talking about some lame pedigree or some special kind of oak barrel. Because really, pedigrees are for horses and dogs and white oak is honestly just white oak.


We aren't passing the costs of a celebrity spokesperson on to you either. Mila Kunas didn't massage our barrels. Surprisingly, she hasn't offered. We'll let you know if that ever changes.


Horned Hare is made to be enjoyed now. As in right now. So grab a glass and enjoy one delicious sip after another. It's the kind of lagomorph (Google® it) that makes any time party time.

The mix of 60% corn and 36% rye create unique flavor notes of vanilla and caramel sweetness with just enough bite to make it memorable without leaving a mark. A whole lot of smooth in a bottle.

We are an Austin, Texas company that bottles in New Orleans. Best of both conveniently packaged in a really cool bottle.

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