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Leave the cinnamon to oatmeal and toast and excommunicate your taste buds. Seriously, are you six years old? No, you aren't or you wouldn't be on this website. You aren't supposed to be here unless you are 21 years or older - and that means you, Margaret.

Don't you as an adult deserve a little more than cinnamon in a whiskey. Yes, you do. Horned Hare Hareitic is a deliciously spicy - but not too spicy - blend of natural orange and habanero flavors. Make it a night of the lepus (Google® it). Shoot it, sip it or mix it. It's all good. Horned Hare Hareitic has some teeth - even if they are chipped.

And like revenge, and sometimes love, Hareitic is best served ice cold.

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